Maps and Services for City, County, and Public Use

Mapping for any type of public-use area, on a custom basis per your needs. Quick, economical, accurate, and useful portrayals of properties. Maps can be created by combining off-the-shelf imagery and data, client-provided maps, and data gathered from the property by Map Your World (GPS Field Surveys at submeter and/or 2cm accuracy levels). No matter what type of property, digital maps can help to visualize, plan, develop and manage it.

We provide products ranging from single custom paper maps to digital maps and data, combined with training and technical support for using a GIS database. The digital products can be viewed, mined, and manipulated with an easy-to-use interface on free viewing software, and are also compatible with high-end mapping software.

County Clerks and Tax Districts

  • Wall murals (see the example at the bottom of this page)
  • Easy-to-use computer interface for accessing information - creation of Municipal GIS Systems
  • Abstract Books
  • Automated system for generating Abstract or Property Map Cards (click for details)

Additional GIS Land-Management Mapping Tools

2D Tools

  • GPS surveys of utilities and infrastructure
  • Maps of utilities and oil and gas pipelines
  • Parks and public facilities maps
  • Street and utility surveys for GIS
3D Tools
  • Elevation models to serve as a foundation or base layer for the placement and alignment of aerial photography and other layers
  • Flood modeling, erosion run-off, and watershed analyses
  • Creation of profiles and cross sections, slopes and aspects, line-of-site, viewshed
  • Measure distance and volume
  • 3D visualization and fly-through simulation for land-use planning and in-office viewing
  • 3D navigation for hiking trails, city walking tours, vehicle navigation
  • Precision farming, forestry, and conservation
  • GPS topographic surveys

County-wide Aerial Imagery Mosaic Wall Murals

High resolution aerial imagery photo-quality oversize prints. Beautiful wall sized murals on thick glossy photo paper show incredible detail even at 1" = 1 Mile. Available plain, with roadways or any other features you wish to add, even your own maps.