Oil & Gas T4 Permits and Maps for Railroad Commission Pipeline Safety

Map Your World is an approved Texas Railroad Commission mapping vendor and offers economical solutions to simplify the Digital T4 Map Submission process.

Turnkey Service
We can prepare the maps and permits for you—working with your paper maps and information to create the digital map, and prepare the permit. Often, all work can be done from our office. However, if fieldwork is needed, we can provide the necessary services to meet the T4 requirement. We offer high quality, economical GPS fieldwork.

Custom Database Set Up
If you want to take advantage of your computer skills, we can set up a database for you, to organize pipeline management tasks. You can prepare your own maps and permits or continue to have Map Your World prepare them. The tough part is the set up: gathering data, scanning maps, registering the maps…we can do all of this for you. As new holdings are added, we can also set up the new base maps for you at that time. This allows you to use the GIS maps immediately. Complete training and support is available to you.

The RRC will soon require all maps be submitted in digital format. With Map Your World's economical solutions and value-added organizational benefits, why wait?

How can digital benefit you now?

Save money spent on maps and mapping services.
The cost of hard copy, hand drafted maps can add up. Currently the hard copy map requirements are full sheet USGS 7.5-minute quadrangles--pieces of quads are not accepted. If your system is more than 10 miles long, this means you will need more than one paper map. A 60-mile system would require about 12 USGS maps. Hard copy maps are not editable for future use--additional maps must be purchased.

With digital, once you create a map, you can view it, edit it, send a file containing the map or print a hard copy to the size you want, whenever you need to.

With your pipeline information set up in a database, you will save time filling out permits and forms, and save time keeping track of your assets.
Reports can be tailored to your specifications. Some examples of reports you will be able to create, and tasks you can automate:

  • Renewal Date advance notices of your RRC and DOT permits
  • List your T4 permits by county
  • Miles of pipe by permit or county
  • List your T4 amendments/abandonments
  • Organize new construction permits
Our Database solution will provide you with an excellent tool to organize future pipeline management tasks. You do not need $15,000 software to file a digital map. The process and software we use converts your pipeline data to the digital format the RRC requires, and also provides the data in a format that you can use and tailor to your specific needs. The software cost ranges from free (shareware), to $300 to $1500 (commercially available). We will analyze your needs and explain how the different systems can accomplish them. You will purchase or download the software. We will set up your data in the software, and provide you with instructions on how to use it. The cost to set up your database and instructions is dependent upon the size and complexity of your system, and is billed by the hour.