Maps and Services for Oil & Gas Exploration,
and Wind Energy Planning & Placement

Maps save you money and valuable time in the field, providing a quick and low-cost means to visualize your areas of interest and investigate points of concern. In addition to maps, we also provide field surveys, analytical assistance, regulation support, and project management for your endeavors. Whether it is a single map for making a critical decision on a quick turn-time, or management of a project that involves maps, data gathering, database control, and crew coordination, we are ready to assist by-the-hour or by-the-day.

Our services and products are accompanied with insight into mapping technology and client needs, gleaned from more than 30-years experience in cartography, surveying, and exploration for oil and gas. Maps are available in print or in digital format. Digital products can be viewed, mined, and manipulated with an easy-to-use interface on free viewing software, and are also compatible with high-end mapping software.

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Some of the services provided and ways a GIS mapping system might help you.

3D Seismic Exploration

  • Prospect Development and Analysis- Pre-survey program analysis can reduce costs and improve data quality in heavily cultured or farmed areas by being more aware of potential issues beforehand and optimizing the program.
  • Computer-assisted permitting solutions and land-crew management
  • Automated system for generating landowner maps and access permits
  • GIS mapping for seismic
  • Remote and on-site quality control for seismic survey and data acquisition. In the field or from the office, crew operation reports and data can be mapped and assessed daily to avoid problems and determine solutions.
  • GPS survey for 3D & 2D seismic (submeter and/or 2cm accuracy levels)
  • Permit Management- Computer assisted permitting solutions and land crew management. Detailed GIS mapping for more efficient permitting, surveying, and data acquisition.

NEW! A new class of precise and affordable elevation data is now available. In suitable terrain, field-gathered GPS survey elevations for seismic vibration points can be replaced by cost effective, off-the-shelf data. Click here for details about the new NEXTMap® 3D Radar Datasets.

Operations Management

  • Land Management- Lease data available directly through detailed accurate maps with reporting capabilities
  • Production- Graphical assessments of production, maintenance schedules, repair history, pipeline maintenance
  • Drilling: Quick-turn investigative Map Snapshots from GIS basemaps can assess proposed drilling location problems and make adjustments before sending a surveyor to the field saving time and money.
  • GPS/GIS field surveys and data collection for production, asset management, and regulation maps and databases. Submeter and 2cm GPS accuracy available.
  • GPS/GIS and/or digital Pipeline Safety Mapping for Railroad Commission T4 permits, DOT/OPS/RSPA digital maps and permits, Tier Two Hazardous Chemical reporting
  • GIS consulting and database creation for a wide range of applications
  • Technical support for using a GIS database

Wind Energy

  • Wind farm Site Development- Remote scouting for desirable terrain with relation to historical wind data, preferred ERCOT Zones, existing transmission lines and their capacities
  • Profile elevation analysis
  • Met Tower placement planning
  • Turbine site and array planning
  • ROW acquisition

NEW! A new class of precise and affordable elevation data is now available. Virtually eliminates the need for an expensive and time consuming topographic site survey. Allows you to have accurate elevations and estimations of turbine sites. Allows accurate multiple transmission line route preliminary alignment and profile elevation studies without any field survey cost. Click here for details about the new NEXTMap® 3D Radar Datasets.