Intermap Technologies™ new Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar™ (IFSAR) technology and resulting NEXTMap® products now set the industry standard for uniform, high-resolution 3D mapping and digital geometric modeling, on a global scale. NEXTMap® data is the most accurate off-the-shelf digital elevation data available in the world.

This revolutionary IFSAR technology enables mapping of large areas more quickly and more efficiently than any other technology. Intermap's fixed-wing aircraft, equipped with IFSAR, can operate day or night, in clear or cloudy conditions — virtually anywhere, anytime.

IFSAR is advanced, flexible, and capable of handling a high volume of data. For you, this means less expense than that of competing technologies, while still providing you with highly-accurate digital elevation products that can enable a wide range of innovative applications.

Applications include: flood modeling and watershed analysis, base mapping, surface analysis, 3D visualization and navigation, flight simulation, image rectification, precision farming and forestry, auto safety, and internet mapping.

Intermap plans to map the entire U.S. by the end of 2008. The library already includes datasets from 18 states, including complete datasets of California, Florida, Hawaii, and Mississippi; and blocks of data for Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

NEXTMap® products:

:: Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Pixel size: 16.41 feet (5 meters)
Horizontal accuracy:
6.56 feet (2 meters)
Vertical accuracy: 3.28 feet (1 meter)
A DSM is a topographic model of the earth's surface (canopy) that can be manipulated using a computer. It is comprised of elevation measurements that are laid out on a grid. These measurements are derived from the return signals received by the two radar antennae on the aircraft. The signals bounce off the first surface they strike, making the DSM a representation of any object large enough to be resolved. This includes buildings, vegetation, and roads, as well as natural terrain features. The key feature of this product is that it provides a geometrically correct reference frame over which other data layers can be draped.

:: Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
Pixel size: 16.41 feet (5 meters)
Horizontal accuracy: 6.56 feet (2 meters)
Vertical accuracy: 3.28 feet (1 meter)

A DTM is a topographic model of the bare earth that can be manipulated using a computer. A DTM has had vegetation, buildings and other cultural features digitally removed--leaving just the underlying terrain. The DTM (coupled with surface analysis tools) supports applications such as the development of topographic maps. It is also a valuable component in analyses involving various terrain characteristics such as profile, cross-section, line-of-sight, aspect, and slope. The DTM also supports flood modeling, agricultural, Personal Navigation Device applications, Internet mapping, and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications. The DTM may not portray bare earth where obstructions cannot be removed. The key feature of a DTM is that it enables users to infer those terrain characteristics that may be hidden in the DSM.

:: Orthorectified Radar Imagery (ORI)

Pixel size: 4.10 feet (1.25 meters)
Horizontal accuracy: 6.56 feet (2 meters)
Vertical accuracy: not applicable
An orthorectified radar image (ORI) is a grayscale image of the earth's surface that has been corrected to remove geometrical distortions that are a normal part of the imaging process. This product looks very similar to a black-and-white aerial photograph. The difference is that, instead of being made from a photograph of visible light, the images are made from aerial radar pulses which accentuate features far more than is possible with traditional aerial photography. The radar looks to the side of the aircraft and casts "shadows" that enable the viewer to visually perceive the elevation information in the image.
:: Color Orthorectified Radar Imagery (CORI)
- Color imagery is created by fusing multi-spectral imagery, such as aerial photography, with our orthorectified radar imagery.

US Dollars - NEXTMap® USA Pricing

Digital Elevation Models
Digital Surface Models (DSM) $64.75 / sq. mile | $25.00 / sq. km.
Digital Terrain Models (DTM) $90.64 / sq. mile | $35.00 / sq. km.

Lower resolutions/cost available, as low as $7.00 per square km.

Orthorectified Radar Imagery (ORI) $25.90 / sq. mile | $10.00 / sq. km.
Color Orthorectified Radar Imagery (CORI) $33.67 / sq. mile | $13.00 / sq. km.

Bundled Pricing Available

$500 minimum order required. Pricing is based on a perpetual license basis and is calculated per square mile or kilometer. Single use and annual license options are available upon request. For orders greater that 1,000 sq. km., other licensing periods and terms are available to meet your specific requirements. Map Your World is an Intermap™ Data Distributor. To order these products, please contact Lee Lugge/Map Your World at lee@mapyourworld.net or 512-451-7858. To read more about Intermap's products, please visit www.intermap.com.
Read a press release about the partnership between Map Your World and Intermap.

Map Your World can create a custom dataset based upon only the acres you need, saving you money.

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