Maps for Landowners and Developers

Map Your World provides products ranging from single custom paper maps to digital maps and data, combined with training and technical support for using a GIS database. In addition to maps, we also provide field surveys, analytical assistance, regulation support, and project management for your endeavors. Whether it is a single map for making a critical decision on a quick turn-time, or management of a project that involves maps and data gathering, we are ready to assist.

You don't need expensive software or mapping experience. Map Your World's digital products can be viewed, mined, and manipulated with an easy-to-use interface on free viewing software, and are also compatible with high-end mapping software.

A few examples of maps and services for landowners and developers...

Farm and Ranch Management

Map Your World offers and economical way to measure land and assets and put them on the type of map you want, showing the features you want to see.
Features of your property can be plotted on Topographic or Aerial maps in any size or scale desired. I can analyze and assess the data to your specifications with my software, and provide you with reports and paper maps. Or, you can integrate the data into your management software and database.
Maps can be created with information that you mail to me. I will use existing maps (aerial, topography, etc.) to create your Base Map. Additional points of interest on your land can be gathered by Map Your World, or by you or your staff.

Some of the things we can determine from this data:

  • Acreage of fields, pastures, ponds, habitat
  • Length of roads, waterlines, utility lines and fences
  • Distances from point to point
  • Location and acreage for aerial spraying
  • Spacing and safety of hunting stands

Most frequently asked-for features include:

  • Roads, gates and gaps
  • Fence lines and corners
  • Fields and pastures
  • Water wells and lines
  • Non-access areas for Seismic permit
  • GPS guidance system for bulldozing
  • Ponds
  • Storage facilities
  • Feeders and licks
  • Surface water
  • Facilities
  • Utilities
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Hunting stands and shooting zones

Hunter Safety

Map Your World can greatly improve the hunter's safety on your ranch!
First we locate the hunting stands on the map, then define the line of fire available around them. Next we map the roads and trails leading to the stands. The resulting map shows your danger zones and clearly shows the routes to the stands. This is a great improvement over the norm, especially for a hunter who is not familiar with your property. These maps look great on the wall, but can also be printed in a smaller size to give each hunter.
With inexpensive handheld GPS units you can equip your hunters to drive to their stands safely, without escort. Even hunters who have never been to your ranch, or to a certain stand, can navigate safely in the dark. A safe route to each stand is programmed into handheld GPS units. All you have to do is select the route to the stand you want them to hunt, and it will guide them turn by turn directly to their stand and back along the safe route YOU choose for them. This system avoids confusion, keeps hunters on safe trails, and prevents them from disturbing other hunters, even when unsupervised!

Wildlife Management

Map Your World can provide accurate basis data for your management software, as well as any size or scale paper maps.

Examples of features that can be mapped, measured, and managed:

  • Habitat and vegetation
  • Water sources and ponds
  • Game feeders and licks
  • Non-game features
  • Roads, trails, and viewing stations
  • Fences, gates and gaps
  • Hunting stands and line of fire

Land Developers

Color aerial and 3D elevation maps can effectively show a property's land features so that you can envision how to utilize it. Your site maps can be incorporated and superimposed on base maps of your choosing. Maps can aid in analyses of terrain characteristics such as profile, cross-section, line-of-sight, distance, volume, aspect, and slope.

Quick-turn Map Snapshots can aid in determining land ownership and confusing meets and bounds descriptions.

Golf Courses

  • Players can measure distances with handheld GPS
  • Maps can show elevations and contours
  • Sprinkler & wiring systems mapped in detail with part numbers