Map Your World provides products ranging from single custom paper maps to digital maps and data, combined with training and technical support for using a GIS database. In addition to maps, we also provide field surveys, analytical assistance, regulation support, and project management for your endeavors. Whether it is a single map for making a critical decision on a quick turn-time, or management of a project that involves maps, data gathering, database control, and crew coordination, we are ready to assist by-the-hour or by-the-day.

Map Your World does not just sell you a map! Our services and products are accompanied with insight into mapping technology and client needs, gleaned from more than 30-years experience in cartography, surveying, and exploration for oil & gas; and more recently, wind energy.

You don't need expensive software or mapping experience. We can serve as your "remote mapping department," with complete data backup and full confidentiality. Map Your World's digital products can be viewed, mined, and manipulated with an easy-to-use interface on free viewing software, and are also compatible with high-end mapping software.

Recent strides in mapping technology offer new opportunities for cost-saving 3D visualization and terrain analysis. These powerful new tools aid in decision making—from project planning to completion.

Maps and Services Tailored for
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• Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas | Wind Energy Installations
• Pipeline Safety and Texas Railroad Commission T4 Permits (TxRRC Approved Vendor)
• City and County Land-Development and Public-Use
• Conservation and Land Development

Types of Data and Maps Available
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Map Your World creates custom, multi-layered maps to each client's specification, in print and/or in digital format, to any scale or size desired. Clients can choose 2D and 3D layers from the many available options and provide their own maps to be incorporated into the system. Clients can also choose the level of interactivity that best suits their needs. To help you get the most from the tools available, we can provide a color-illustrated user's guide as well as live instruction and mapping support for using free viewing software.

Today's mapping technology can be used for

  • 3D visualization and fly-through simulation (bare earth or with trees and buildings)
  • 3D navigation
  • Precision land use and conservation—Tools for flood modeling, watershed analysis, line-of-site, viewshed, slope, aspect, distance, volume, and more
  • Elevation models for oil and gas exploration
  • Internet mapping products and flight simulation

NEW! NEXTMap® 3D Radar Surface and Terrain Models and Imagery, the most accurate off-the-shelf digital elevation models and images available.

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